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Forward thinking.  Value driven.  Quality focused.

"The quality bar is set at a level consistent with SR member groups.”

—Dr. Stephen George, MD, Diversified Radiology

Quality Focus


Quality and performance improvement is the number one priority. Input from members is addressed immediately, and provided as education and process improvement to allow for ongoing enhancement. The result is an evolving process that delivers world-class clinical quality and strengthens the relationships with referring physicians, hospitals, and patients.

The peer review process is objective and proactive. Each day, a percentage (at least 2%) of all final reports are randomly pulled for over-reading. This statistically valid, double-blind peer review process at a subspecialized level sets the quality bar at a level consistent with SR member groups.

The Colorado-based SR teleradiologists maintain their skills by participating in ongoing quality assurance processes, continuing medical education training, and peer review, where individualized modality performance is compared to other teleradiologists in the group. Peer-to-peer transparency is a key element to ensure the SR Subspecialty Telerad Partners service meets and/or exceeds member group clinical quality expectations.

Discrepancies are given high priority. Suspected discrepancies are gathered and analyzed using the industry’s leading peer-to-peer comparison technology, and submitted online for QA committee review. SR Subspecialty Telerad Partners’ clinical quality committee and clinical quality director, Dr. William Keyes (a practicing radiologist, member of SR’s Board of Managers, and quality director for SR), review all discrepancies and statistics, ultimately improving performance case by case, radiologist by radiologist.