Huron Valley Radiology, Ann Arbor, MI
Southeast Michigan’s leading radiology specialists

Founded in 1962, Huron Valley Radiology (HVR) is among the 100 largest private radiology practices in the country. The group is physician owned and provides a full range of 24/7 diagnostic imaging and image-guided interventional procedures at leading hospitals and care networks throughout southeast Michigan.

The practice is highly subspecialized, with fellowship-trained radiologists in musculoskeletal imaging, body imaging, breast imaging, nuclear medicine, neuroradiology, pediatric radiology, interventional radiology, and ultrasound.

HVR partners closely with its hospital clients and physician colleagues to advise and collaborate with the health care team and provide access to images across the enterprise. The practice aims to enhance the patient experience by providing high quality, cost-efficient, compassionate care for each patient.

Beyond providing subspecialty interpretations, HVR’s physicians are committed to improving the health of patients in the communities they serve, lowering the cost of care, and staying current with the many advances in medical imaging and minimally invasive treatments.

HVR is a division of Advanced Imaging Alliance (AIA), a multi-state radiology group that provides radiology services to dozens of health care providers, including nine hospitals operated by Trinity Health. The corporation is wholly owned by the physician shareholder members of the groups that comprise AIA, with no outside financial interests.

Leadership Team

Eric Ferguson, MD, president and CEO; member, Strategic Radiology Board of Managers 
Joe Wolfcale, COO; member, Strategic Radiology Board of Managers 
Paul Arpasi, MD, vice president; member, Strategic Radiology Board of Managers 

No. of Physicians


Hospitals served


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Developed, a dictionary of terms commonly found in radiology reports and defined in patient-friendly language. 
Introduced in-house 24/7/365 subspecialized final reports for improved reliability and quality.