Private practice radiology—all medicine is local.

A central, founding principle of Strategic Radiology is the support of the independent radiology practice. We believe that all medicine is local and that the innovation and independence of private practice medicine is in the best interest of patient care. Our collaborative initiatives are crafted to support local radiology with nationwide infrastructure.

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National Advocacy
National Advocacy

Strategic Radiology provides a unified voice for 1,500+ private practice radiologists practicing medicine in more than 100 Congressional districts on behalf of private practice radiology. Our Advocacy Committee coordinates participation in state and national advocacy through a formal presence on the Hill, position statements, and local activism.

Community Involvement

Our practices invest in the health and wellness of their local communities by sponsoring, supporting, and participating in local community wellness and charitable events. Strategic Radiology practices employ more than 5,000 employees in more than 425 office locations nationwide and are active in local chambers of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus, and other community organizations.

Community Involvement
Local Investment
Local Investment

Strategic Radiology practices operate more than 125 outpatient medical imaging centers, many in partnership with hospitals and health systems, providing convenient access to the full range of modality imaging, including breast- and lung-cancer screening for early detection of cancer.

Global Citizenship

Every year, member group Southeast Radiology leads a team of interventional radiologists to Guadalajara, Mexico, where they set up free clinics to perform limb-saving interventions for local citizens.

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Global Citizenship
Subspecialty Coverage
Subspecialty Coverage

Strategic Radiology is developing SR Teleradiology, an after-hours subspecialty teleradiology service for member groups. Our member group practices also engage in a variety of cross-coverage solutions to enable each other to meet the demands of 24/7/365 subspecialty coverage.

Values-Based Practice

Our members are individual private practices that share these core values

  • Integrity and compassion
  • Radiologist ownership, leadership, and accountability
  • Collaboration, innovation, and value exceeding customer expectations
  • Support of local, independent, private radiology practices