Works-in-progress–our clinical platform and network

Strategic Radiology recognizes that health care is consolidating. In order to better serve our patients, hospitals, member practices, and other partners, our goal is to build a scalable national reading platform, quality IT infrastructure, and enhanced clinical subspecialty capabilities to deliver the best possible quality and value in medical imaging.

Clinical Platform

In 2017, Strategic Radiology approved a plan to connect all member practices on a clinical platform to enable a deeper level of subspecialization and the ability to deliver final subspecialty interpretations anywhere and anytime they are needed by patients served by Strategic Radiology practices.

Clinical Platform
List 1
  • Reading platform
  • RIS
  • Voice recognition
  • Customized standard reports
  • Critical results reporting
  • Clinical analytics
  • Incidental findings follow-up
  • National blinded peer review
  • Unified worklist
  • Hyper-subspecialization
  • IT support
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SR Subspecialized Reading Network
SR Subspecialized Reading Network

The Strategic Radiology Subspecialized Reading Network provides after-hours final subspecialized interpretations for member practices in pediatric, body, emergency, musculoskeletal, and neuro radiology, nuclear medicine, women’s imaging, vascular imaging, and general radiology.

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One-call after-hours consults: No calling around.
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True subspecialty final interpretations by board-certified U.S. radiologists.
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Rapid turnaround for both stat and routine reads: Overall avg. 18 min.
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Dedicated support staff.
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Clinical quality standards consistent with SR member groups.
Clinically integrated radiology network

Our clinical platform and national quality IT infrastructure will enable Strategic Radiology to provide a clinically integrated radiology network organized into virtual subspecialty sections to meet the needs of regional and national partners.