About the Strategic Radiology coalition

Strategic Radiology is a coalition of quality-focused local, private radiology practices that have come together to improve quality, gain operational efficiencies through practice expense consolidation, and preserve radiology’s private practice model.  
Our physician officers, chief operating officer, and executive committee take a collaborative approach to leadership by crafting and implementing policy that is approved by our Board of Managers, composed of member shareholders from each core practice.  
Strategic Radiology is 100% radiologist owned. 
In 2017, our members adopted a Strategic Plan that will bring us into closer collaboration through a clinical platform and a national business and quality infrastructure.

How we got our start.
How we got our start

In the mid-2000s, radiology was in the midst of a perfect storm:

  • CMS began a series of reimbursement cuts for radiology procedures and services that continued for a decade.
  • A number of national teleradiology companies began to compete for hospital clients with the local radiology practices for which they had previously provided nighttime coverage.
  • Also, hospitals and referring physicians were seeking higher levels of service that included around-the-clock subspecialized reads, a service level that is extremely difficult to deliver in-house for most private radiology practices in the United States.

In response, more than a dozen large radiology practices located in different markets across the nation began to meet informally to discuss our common problems. We concluded that by collaborating we could provide coverage for each other, and our coalition was founded in 2009. 

How we got our start pt.2
How we got our start pt.3

Nearly a decade later, we have built: 

  • the nation’s first AHRQ-listed Patient Safety Organization dedicated to the improvement of medical imaging quality and safety, 
  • a Group Purchasing arrangement that provides members with discounts on products and services, 
  • a culture of trust and collaboration that has sustained our organization and will carry it into the future.
Our mission

Improving lives by creating superior radiology value through collaboration and innovation among privately owned, independent radiology practices