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Forward thinking.  Value driven.  Quality focused.

Value Proposition


The cornerstone of SR Subspecialty Telerad Partners is the ability to quickly establish a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect between its radiologists and member group hospital affiliates. And because the SR telerad service is owned by SR’s 1,600-plus physicians, it’s held accountable to delivering the highest standards of clinical service quality.

We are you. The SR Subspecialty Telerad Partners service enables your group to extend subspecialized daytime reads into the evening. The service is also uniquely capable of being transparent and culturally aligned in order to complement the group’s existing business relationships and keep any service or communication issues to an absolute minimum.

SR Subspecialty Telerad Partners physicians, IT professionals, operations managers, and image facilitators are highly engaged with their radiology group partners. There is no “us” and “them,” only “we.” For hospital affiliates this minimizes the potential anxiety over the teleradiology service provider transition.