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See what your peers are saying about SR Subspecialty Telerad Partners

“Certainly one element of the SR Subspecialty Telerad Partners service that really stood out for us was how efficiently the teleradiology physicians blended in with the cultures and operational processes of our group, as well as our affiliated hospitals. Every key stake holder on the hospital side of the equation has remained extremely pleased with the clinical quality of the service and appreciate the fact that it is an extension of our group through Strategic Radiology, and not an unaffiliated, third party entity.”

Chris Hedley, M.D. - Physician Partner, Hill Medical Corporation in Pasadena, CA.

“Because the telerad service is a seamless extension of Strategic Radiology member groups, our teleradiology physicians and support team members can efficiently blend in with the hospital’s existing culture and relationship management processes. It is a radiologist-friendly, quality-driven organization that provides a level of clinical service worthy of Strategic Radiology.”

Arl Van Moore, MD, FACR, CEO and Chairman, Strategic Radiology

“The technologists on the hospital side were extremely happy to know that this service is an extension of our group through Strategic Radiology, and not an unaffiliated, third party entity. They also found the overall product easier to use and much faster than the previous system. SR SubspecialtyTelerad Partners provides a better platform for the long-term hospital relationship, eliminating the ‘we/they’ finger-pointing scenario.”

Alicia Vasquez, Hill Medical Corporation

“Knowing that the teleradiology physicians are held accountable to the exact same clinical quality and service standards we hold our group’s physicians to was uniquely beneficial for us. Being SR physician owned and operated is a key differentiator for the SR Subspecialty Telerad Partners service. By having more control of the teleradiology operations, the quality bar is set at a level consistent with SR member groups. ”

Dr. Stephen George, Physician Partner, Diversified Radiology in Denver, CO