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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide final reads for after-hours services?

Yes. This provides better efficiencies for your morning shift and no issues with additional findings between the preliminary read and the final read.

What are your stat turnaround times for final reads?

We average 30 minute final stat reads.

Is this a pay-per-click type of service?

No. We view this as a partnership and strive to provide the utmost patient care by taking the proper amount of time to produce the most accurate report possible.

What’s different about your subspecialty services than other telerad service providers?

Each and every study that is submitted is specifically routed to the appropriate subspecialty trained radiologist. For example, all neuro exams are interpreted by a fellowship-trained neuroradiologist. You will never find a body imaging radiologist reading a neuro case, and vice versa. This is true subspecialty coverage.

Will you require that the after-hours contract be with the hospital?

No. We never solicit contracts with hospitals, only with local radiology groups. We feel this is beneficial in maintaining and promoting private radiology practices, and in providing a more seamless service between the hospital and the radiology provider.

How do we reach a radiologist for a consult?

We offer a single phone number to contact our distributed radiology support team. A member of this team will then route your call to the radiologist who read your report. All of our radiologists are approachable and available to promptly address your questions in a professional manner. We pride ourselves on having a high level service orientation.

Do you have dedicated after-hours physicians, or do your daytime radiologists rotate through the night shifts?

Our after-hours radiologists are recruited and hired strictly for this time slot. This provides the highest satisfaction among all shifts and a consistent provision of the highest quality service throughout the practice.