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Forward thinking.  Value driven.  Quality focused.

“Our vision is for Strategic Radiology to deliver efficient world class patient care through clinical and non-clinical collaboration.”

—Arl Van Moore, M.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Strategic Radiology (SR) form?

Strategic Radiology LLC was recently established when sixteen like-minded, progressive radiology groups realized they shared many of the same visions, values, and goals. This core team saw the opportunity in developing a formalized collaborative model where sharing talent, information, and processes would benefit individual groups and thereby improve service and quality to the patients and medical institutions they serve.

How will SR benefit patients?

A key strategic initiative is the internal sharing of medical imaging studies and related healthcare information to improve patient care. Peer-to-peer review of medical imaging studies enables radiologists to maximize clinical expertise. SR also intends to further expand patient access to radiology subspecialization within member groups via a common platform and establish measurable standards for clinical quality.

What is unique about SR?

SR is physician-led and brings together over 1,400 expert radiologists creating a true national footprint, with partner groups currently providing services in states coast-to-coast. Each group is regional leader and has a uniform desire for excellence in clinical practice. Through collaboration and scale, SR endeavors to improve patient quality of care and service while simultaneously improving economic efficiency of the individual practices. Through collaboration and scale, SR endeavors to improve patient outcomes and clinical quality while controlling costs and utilization.

Can any radiology group join SR?

SR has specific partnership guidelines that include clinical excellence, quality focus, subspecialization, group size, regional strength, strong physician and administrative leadership, and geographical coverage. At present SR is focused on controlled growth, but we do anticipate expanding our membership with those that share our vision, values, and goals.

Which radiology groups are members in SR?

The Core Strategic Radiology groups are: Advanced Radiology Services (Grand Rapids, MI); Austin Radiological Association (Austin, TX); Central Illinois Radiological Associates (Peoria, IL); Charlotte Radiology (Charlotte, NC); Diversified Radiology (Denver, CO); Inland Imaging (Spokane, WA); Huron Valley Radiology (Ann Arbor, MI); Inland Imaging (Spokane, WA); Jefferson Radiology (Hartford, CT); Mountain Medical Physician Specialists (Salt Lake City, UT); Northwest Radiology (Indianapolis, IN); Quantum Radiology (Atlanta, GA); Radiant Imaging—The Hill Medical Corporation and Arcadia Radiology Group divisions (Pasadena, CA); Radiology Associates of North Texas (Fort Worth, TX); Radiology Ltd. (Tucson, AZ); Radiology Associates of South Florida (Miami, FL); Southwest Diagnostic Imaging—affiliates EVDI Medical Imaging, Scottsdale Medical Imaging and Valley Radiologists (Phoenix, AZ); and University Radiology (New Brunswick, NJ).

The Affiliate Strategic Radiology group members are: Casper Medical Imaging and Outpatient Radiology (Casper, WY); Medical Center Radiology Group (Orlando, FL); Modesto Radiologic Medical Group (Modesto, CA); Professional Radiology, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH); Radiology Associates, Inc (Jeffersonville, IN); Radiology Associates, PA (Little Rock, AR); Radiologic Medical Services (Iowa City, IA); Rome Radiology Group (Rome, GA); Southeast Radiology (Glen Mills, PA).

Is SR another entity looking to "go public"?

SR is physician-led and owned with no intent to pursue public funding.

What has SR accomplished to date?

SR member groups now utilize a common data sharing and analytics platform allowing us to share radiology best practices. SR is embarking on centralized purchasing of certain supplies, medical malpractice insurance and equipment maintenance contracting. SR has demonstrated the technical capabilities to move imaging studies among members and is in the process of creating such a reading network.

What is the future for SR?

Through collaboration and leveraging scale, SR endeavors to continue to innovate with the goal of improved patient outcomes and clinical quality while controlling costs and medical imaging utilization.

Does SR have a "voice" in healthcare reform?

Through its member groups, SR has a voice in addressing healthcare issues on a regional and national scale. SR also believes that the profession of radiology as a whole is best served through radiologist supported societies, such as the American College of Radiology.